Mit der Wahl der Unterkunft Geld sparen
Anna Brockmöller & Yannik Roth

First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in working with us.

We are Anna & Yannik – photographers, nature-enthusiasts and travel bloggers with a focus on responsible, nature-based and sustainable travels.


In 2022, we packed our backpacks and left Hanover to call the world our home. We travel to get to know beautiful and also unknown places and to share our experiences, photos and videos with fellow travellers.


Our vision is to inspire people to travel more consciously and responsibly, without having to sacrifice. Small steps are easier accomplished than everything at once!


Grün um die Welt (translated: Green around the World) is a plattform where travellers find their next wanderlust places. And you can become part of it. With our work, we give sustainable businesses a stage and create more awareness for responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. Many explain theoretically how to travel more sustainably, we show how.


Anna Brockmöller is the creative part of the team, the photographer and enthusiast for ecotourism. It all began when turning vegan in 2013 and researching more about living sustainably. She studied Tourism Management, specialising in cruise tourism with the vision to make the whole cruise industry more sustainable. Her Bachelor’s thesis was about the potential of the target group “vegans” in the tourism sector, her Masters in eco-tourism about “the influence of a controversial tradition on the image of a destination – whaling on the Faroe Islands”. With the degree in Tourism Sciences she worked onboard a German cruise ship for 5 years (excursion manager) before taking further education in marketing and social media. In the past two years she worked as a Social Media & Marketing Manager for different companies before focussing and creating Grün um die Welt.

Kleiner Rucksack auf Weltreise
Anna Brockmöller
Yannik Roth

Yannik Roth pulls the strings and manages the administrative part of Grün um die Welt. After completing his master’s degree in history, he worked for many years as a project manager for a logistics company. There he consolidated his skills as an event & organisation talent, which he now uses for research, travel plans, production trips and managing emails. His great passion, however, is writing detailed blog articles. Even as an intern at the IdeenExpo as part of his studies, he wrote research, articles and contributions. At Grün um die Welt, he is responsible for all blog articles and layouts. For some time now, he has also been responsible for videography, creating atmospheric impressions of destinations and telling short stories in sound and vision.


Grün um die Welt (meaning Green around the world) is the platform where travel & nature lovers can find their next travel destinations. This is where all those who want to immerse themselves in a new destination, its culture and nature meet. Our focus is on more sustainable, mindful and environmentally conscious travelling.

Small towns, historic buildings, unique accommodation and peaceful natural sites are our favourite places in the world. We notice what others don’t and share the little wonders along the way with our community. The friendly smile of the host, the cheerful wave of the bus driver, the sweet sounds of cowbells and the little daisies in the meadow appear in our stories just as much as the clearly visible sights of a place. We fill our batteries with the beauty of places and the stories they tell. We don’t tick off places, we don’t rush from photo spot to photo spot, but take the time to immerse ourselves. This is the only way to tell unique stories. We travel sustainably, mindfully and slowly. This is also what we portray in our photos and videos.

We create special travel moments that inspire our fellow human beings and inspire them to travel to places that are far away from mass tourism.

Green around the World also focuses on vegan and sustainable cuisine, animal and environmentally friendly activities and nature-based experiences.

Our Community

92,9 % Germany, Austria, Switzerland
78.5 % female / 21.4% male
55,3 % are 25-44 years old

Main interests: travel, sustainability, outdoors, photography

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Working with us - Services

Authentic travel reports in the form of IG stories
Photo posts with aesthetic, professional images
Reels (e.g. authentic vlogs, practical tips on destinations)
Detailed, researched blog articles with images
Usage licences for photos & videos
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Successful Partnerships

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Visit Sweden

Haltia Lake Lodge, Espoo / Finland

Majamaja, Helsinki / Finland

Le Sen Boutique Hotel, Luang Prabang / Laos

NamKhan Ecolodge, Luang Prabang / Laos

Kaia Gallery Hotel, Hoi An / Vietnam

Basecamp Resorts, Canada

Boulders Mountain Resort, Revelstoke / Canada

Camp Moose Trail, Golden / Canada

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